Vegan Sources of Calcium

Calcium is important to Bone & teeth structure; muscle contractions; blood clotting and nervous system. It is also vital to some hormones.

A selection of some of the vegan sources of calcium. The list tells you the amount (in milligrams) of calcium present per serving.
Blackstrap molasses
2 Tbsp: 400mg

Collard greens, cooked
1 cup: 357mg

Tofu, processed with calcium sulfate

4 ounces: 200-330mg
250g: 500mg

Calcium-fortified orange juice
8 ounces: 300mg

Soy or ricemilk, commercial, calcium-fortified, plain
8 ounces: 200-300mg
200ml glass: 240mg

Orange juice, fortified
1 cup: 250mg

Commercial soy yogurt, plain
6 ounces: 80-250mg

Dried Figs
100g or 4-6 pieces: 250mg

Turnip greens, cooked
1 cup: 249mg

Tofu, processed with nigari
4 ounces: 80-230mg

1 cup: 215mg

Kale, cooked
1 cup: 179mg
80g: 120mg

Soybeans, cooked
1 cup: 175mg

Okra, cooked
1 cup: 172mg

Sesame seeds
25g (a small handful): 168mg

Bok choy, cooked
1 cup: 158mg

Mustard greens, cooked
1 cup: 152mg

80g portion raw: 136mg

2 Tbsp:128mg
10g spread on toast: 68mg

Broccoli, cooked in unsalted water
1 cup: 94mg
80g: 32mg

1/4 cup: 89mg
30g (small handful): 72mg

Almond butter
2 Tbsp: 86mg

Brazil nuts
30g (a small handful): 87mg

Sunflower seeds
25g (a small handful): 28mg

Other vegan sources of calcium: Swede, Cinnamon, Fennel, Olives.

If you have difficulty incorporating calcium-rich foods into your diet, you can also opt for a calcium supplement.

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