Vegan Videos
Spread the vegan message. Please download videos onto your phone or mobile device and show to friends and family.
Note: These are free videos but data download costs will be incurred if you do not have a mobile data plan or are unable to connect via a free wireless connection. As the video files are large, these costs may be very high. If you are in any doubt, please check with your network provider before downloading. Thank you.
Boycott Cadbury Chocolate
Featuring shocking footage from dairy farms that supply Cadbury with milk.
Pig abuse at UK slaughterhouse
Shocking Animal Aid footage shows appalling cruelty to pigs.
Cadbury Cruelty
Footage showiing how cows are treated by dairy farmers who supply Cadburys
Duck abuse at free-range farm
Sky News report showing abuse of defenceless ducks on UK free-range farm.
From Farm to Fridge
Find out the terrible truth about the meat, egg and dairy industries.
Killing for a Living
The Traumatic Consequences of Slaughterhouse Work
Milk is cruel
Will you ditch dairy when you see the shocking suffering caused to cows?
Pork Industry Animal Abuse
The pork industry's appalling cruelty to pigs is exposed in this MFA video.
Kickstart Your Health
Excerpts from PBS Special hosted by vegan doctor, Neal Barnard.
What to Eat
Jason Schwartzman-narrated video encouraging you to reject meat.
Calf farm cruelty exposed
Extremely graphic undercover video showing cruelty and killing of dairy calves.
Making the Connection
A 30-minute Vegan Society presentation in eight parts.
Forks Over Knives Trailer
Trailer for the film about health benefits of eliminating animal products from your diet.
If slaughterhouses had glass walls
Paul McCartney-narrated video about the cruelty of the meat, egg, dairy industries.
Corridor of Death
Footage of a frightened cow trying to retreat from a slaughterhouse.
Vegan - for the people, for the planet, for the animals
Watch this video from and be inspired to go vegan.
Dairy and health risks
Heather Mills reveals the health risks linked to dairy consumption and also the cruelty of the dairy industry.
Roger Moore says "Don't Eat Foie Gras"
Find out about the cruelty of foie gras in this Roger Moore-narrated PETA video
Kate Winslet Exposes Foie Gras Cruelty
Video about the torture that ducks and geese endure in foie gras production.
Top Three Reasons Not to Eat Fish
The suffering of fish and why eating fish is bad for your health and the environment.
Meet your meat
PETA video narrated by Alec Baldwin. The video that all meat-eaters should watch.
Ducks out of water
The horrendous conditions in which factory farmed ducks are kept in the UK.
Meat's Not Green
The connection between environmental destruction and the livestock industry.
When Pigs Cry
A VIVA USA video exposing the suffering of pigs in factory farms.
Egg Farm Cruelty
Undercover investigation reveals the cruelty of egg factory farms.
What the Egg Industry Does to Males
The egg industry kills millions of newly born male chicks every year.
Block Diabetes with a Vegan Diet
30 second PCRM TV Spot featuring NBA basketball legend, John Salley.
Leather Industry Cruelty
Presented by Pamela Anderson, this PETA video exposes leather industry cruelty.
Pamela Anderson highlights KFC cruelty
Pamela Anderson reveals that the main ingredient in KFC chicken is cruelty.
Def Leppard vegetarian guitarist
Def Leppard's Phil Collen, promotes vegetarianism in this PETA video.
Milk Causes Type 1 Diabetes
Exposure to cow's milk has been identified as a cuase of Type 1 Diabetes.
Spare a Turkey. Choose Vegetarian
Hundreds of millions of turkeys are killed each year. This video exposes the cruelty.
Parallels: Meat eating and heart disease
This short PCRM PSA conveys the link between meat eating and heart disease.
Never order shark fin soup
WildAid video exposing the cruelty and killing connected to shark fin soup.
Check out the Vegan Future Youtube Channel for more vegan videos.

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