Say NO to Cow Prisons

Sadly common in the USA, zero grazing factory farms permanently confine thousands of cows side-by-side within metal bar enclosures. They eat, defecate and even give birth on concrete floors.

Being milked day and night on a conveyor belt system, looking out from their captivity on green fields they used to graze upon, they are treated as no more than milk machines in almost continual pregnancy. They are destined for an early death when their worn out bodies can produce no more.

Billed as a disaster by animal welfare groups and environmentalists for their pollution and health risks to local populations, there are now plans for these cow prisons in the UK.

The producers claim that within ten years, the English Countryside will be devoid of all farm Animals!

If this matter concerns you, please consider becoming vegan and joining with the growing number of those already on this healthy, cruelty-free diet. Eliminating dairy products from your diet is the only way to ensure that you are not contributing to the current and future suffering of cows.

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