Happy Vegan Christmas
Have a compassionate vegan Christmas. Check out this selection of Christmas recipes and guides.

Vegan Society Christmas Recipes
Recipes for main meals, gravy, cakes and desserts.
Download [pdf, 463 KB]

Vegan Christmas Guide
This Vegan Campaigns guide includes 10 steps to a cruelty-free Christmas, recipes and a cool Talking Turkeys poem by Benjamin Zephaniah.
Download [pdf, 242 KB]

The True Cost of Christmas
Christmas is a time of peace and goodwill to all mankind – but what about the animals? This Vegetarian Society pamphlet provides the answers.
Download [pdf, 81 KB]

Vegan Christmas Recipes from VIVA
Look forward to a delicious 3-course vegan meal this Christmas. This leaflet has the recipes.
Download [pdf, 276 KB]

Don't eat turkey this Christmas
A Veggie Health magazine article about why you should avoid eating turkey and other meat products.
Download [pdf, 862 KB]

Have a cruelty-free Christmas
This Vegetarian Society leaflet highlights the suffering endured by turkeys at Christmas and provides 2 vegan recipes.
Download [pdf, 1.8 MB]
Read a Christmas poem by vegan poet, Benjamin Zephaniah - Talking Turkeys
Visit our Vegan Shopping page for Christmas present ideas and links to supermarket vegan lists.
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