Male chicks are treated like trash

What happens to the 250 million male chicks born to hens in the U.S. egg industry each year?

Along with defective and slow-hatching female chicks, they are trashed as soon as they hatch.

Upon breaking out of their shells, instead of being sheltered by a mother’s wings, the newborns are ground up alive, electrocuted, or thrown into trashcans where they slowly suffocate on top of one another, peeping to death while a human foot stomps them down to make more room for more chicks.

Because the male chicken of the egg industry cannot lay eggs, and has not been genetically manipulated for profitable meat production, he is of no use to the egg industry.

Destruction of unwanted male chicks is a worldwide practice.

Article by United Poultry Concerns


Male Chicks Suffocated in Trash Bags

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